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What's New? Reconciling Your Broker Escrow Trust Account

Interesting in finally tackling trust fund handling requirements enforced by the Department of Real Estate? Don't miss this important workshop on October 6th at the Escrow Training Institute, the premier provider of escrow training!

Class Description

Presented by Summer Goralik, a former Department of Real Estate (DRE) Investigator, this class will examine trust account requirements encompassed under the Real Estate law and enforced by the DRE and will include a step-by-step training on the reconciliation process.

This class will cover the following topics:

  • Overview of DRE enforced trust account requirements

  • Understanding the elements of each required trust account record

  • Difference between a bank reconciliation vs. trust account reconciliation

  • Ensuring your trust account reconciliation reports are in DRE-compliant format

  • Step-by-step training in performing a three-way trust account reconciliation

  • Dissecting your reconciliation report and adopting strategies on how to address issues

*Although this class is postured towards the handling of trust funds by real estate brokers engaged in controlled escrow activities, it will cover statutory trust fund handling requirements regulated and enforced by the DRE which apply to any broker handling trust funds in the course of their licensed real estate business.

About Summer

Summer Goralik is a Real Estate Compliance Consultant and Broker, and former DRE Investigator. She assists real estate licensees with achieving regulatory compliance enforced by the DRE. Among other services, Summer offers real estate brokers assistance with DRE audits, broker office surveys, mock audits, corrective action letters, and risk management.

Check out Summer's website for more information about her consulting services:


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