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Read what people are saying about Summer's real estate compliance consulting services:

The DRE process was proving to be very difficult to obtain my broker’s license and I was running into major road blocks in being able to just qualify to sit for the brokers exam. I reached out to Summer and her knowledge of the DRE and their processes was what I needed to be able to navigate the DRE and ultimately qualify to sit for my exam.  If you need DRE compliance assistance or help pertaining to working with the DRE on any matter I couldn’t recommend her enough.

Salesperson - Fresno, CA

Facing a DRE Broker Office Survey, I contacted Summer and hired her as a consultant, her expertise and guidance has proven invaluable! I also took Summer’s Broker Supervision Seminar, what a class! I have learned more from Summer in her Broker Supervision Class and in just two weeks of consultation than I have through years of DRE Continuing Education Classes! Summer’s Broker Supervision Class should 

be required class by DRE for all Broker License Renewals! It is that effective. I highly recommend contacting Summer to understand your role more fully as a Broker, to apply best practices and to be prepared for the looming audit. Do not wait until DRE knocks on your door, contact Summer today!

Broker/Owner - Roseville, CA

Here's the review I hope you can use. Truly thank you for all your help and may you help many others!

When I received notice of a DRE compliance audit I contacted someone other than Summer initially who came highly recommended. However, I recognized that we weren't a good fit and searched for a consultant who could help me. That is when I found Summer. I liked the fact that she was an investigator for DRE having handled many cases. Summer was already busy but offered to take a look at what I had and am so thankful that she did. Summer had me prepare my reconciliations in a way that would be a quick check-off on the auditor's checklist. I feel Summer is excellent at reviewing the ledgers and transactions and can guide an auditee on how to prepare necessary documents for DRE in the right way. Also, she can guide you on how to prepare for the entry meeting and what to expect. Summer was very informative and knowledgeable regarding what I needed to provide to the auditor and the questions they would be asking. My audit went well and I know it's because Summer provided valuable guidance in formatting my spreadsheets and files to present to the auditor and preparing me for the entry interview, which resulted in successfully getting through the audit. Thank you so much Summer!!!

Broker - Irvine, CA

When being responsible for other licensed agents whose livelihood is 100% dependent on having an active real estate license; ensuring that they are acting in a compliant and proper way is imperative. Summer is a major asset to our company and all of our partners. We have used her assistance with auditing our own internal process and procedures, conducting a formal mock audit, and from time to time reviewing compliance matters that have come to our attention either through our own internal auditing or from the DRE enforcement team. Her professionalism and straightforward approach allows our team to make adjustments as necessary and plan for how to make our process better for our partners. I cannot say enough wonderful things about her and how she operates her business. Our team will continue to use her services on a regular basis.

Broker - San Francisco, CA

“Working with Summer Goralik on our brokerage’s mock audit was both eye-opening and educational for us. Summer delved into all the intricacies of our business, she truly left no stone unturned. We were impressed with the rigor she applied to fully understanding our processes and our systems. The very substantial feedback she provided at the conclusion of our audit will serve as a guidepost for compliance policy implementation for years to come. We wholeheartedly endorse Summer’s mock DRE audit services and advertising review

Broker - Irvine, CA

Summer Goralik is an asset to our business, during a time of expansion for our real estate brokerage, from assistance with defining policies to keep us compliant and how it relates to our procedures, as well as auditing our files to ensure compliance with current and changing real estate law. Additionally, she helped us gain a better understanding of the real estate civil and administrative codes in multiple states, how it affects our business and assisted with the setup of best business practices in advertising, daily transactions and responding to complaints. We are truly thankful for her knowledge, ability to dissect the laws, rules, regulations, and guide us in maintaining a DRE compliant office.

Broker/Owner - Redondo Beach, CA

There is so much involved when you own a real estate brokerage - - marketing to find new prospects, managing agents and employees, closing deals and focusing on customer service to ensure that clients are happy. Outside of these critical tasks, there is the thing that is easy to overlook about but is critically important COMPLIANCE. We hired Summer last year to audit our firm to give us piece of mind that our company was managing our business correctly and could withstand a visit from the BRE should one occur. Summer is absolutely fantastic to work with. She came in, examined our files and looked into our entire organization with enough detail to really understand what we were doing right and what we can improve. She gave us suggestions and offered new procedures to not only protect ourselves and ease the pain of a future audit, but also to streamline our compliance processes so we can focus on the core revenue generating aspects of our business. Summer always notifies us when there are new topics in the area of compliance that we should be aware of and we feel much better operating our business knowing that Summer is standing with us should we need her services in the future.

Broker/Owner - Huntington Beach, CA

Dear Summer Goralik, the Compliance Review that you conducted and provided our Real Estate Brokerage was outstanding.  You went above and beyond our past experience with the compliance review process in your depth of inspection, presentation of findings and recommendations.  You were a pleasure to work with while in our office as we provided the documentation that you needed for the review.   You are professional and highly knowledgeable about the California Business and Professions Code and the Commissioner’s Regulations. Your expertise in this area and ability to explain the codes in relation to our business made us feel comfortable and trusting in the recommendations that you provided. You answered all of our questions skillfully and tactfully when reviewing your comprehensive report with us.   We are grateful for your assistance in making sure our brokerage and escrow divisions are in complete compliance with all California State regulations.  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Salesperson/Owner - Palos Verdes, CA

Working with Summer was a game changer, as she helped us untangle the complicated regulatory world that is California real estate at a time when we were under tremendous pressure to get it right. She was pleasant to work with, timely, and above all, supremely knowledgeable. 

Attorney/Owner of Brokerage- San Diego, CA

I am pleased to write a letter of recommendation for Summer Goralik, who for the past year has performed excellent work for my brokerage. I hired Summer as a consultant to help me get through an audit being conducted on my company by the California Department of Real Estate. She has proven to be extremely hard working, knowledgeable, diligent and committed to her work. Without her help, I sincerely doubt that would have happened. Summer is a very motivated and intelligent person who is not afraid to go above and beyond the scope of her duties. I sincerely believe that she will do the same if given the opportunity with any other organization and I give her my highest recommendation.

Broker/Owner - San Diego, CA

Summer Goralik has been my go-to expert for everything relating to California Department of Real Estate requirements and compliance. Her knowledge of the laws and what the DRE is looking for have been invaluable to me throughout the journey of opening and growing my brokerage firm. Summer shows great dedication to her clients, and provides world-class customer service and support. If on the rare occasion she does not know the answer to a question, she is very diligent and resourceful in finding it. She is responsive, professional, and an expert resource/advisor.

Broker/Owner - Agoura Hills, CA

I was researching online topics in regards to a compliance issue that I had. I found a very interesting and well spoken article pertaining to my particular topic. I clicked on the authors name and it brought me to Summer’s website.  I was so impressed with her credentials that I decided to contact her which was the smartest thing that I did. Right from the start, she had a very warm and engaging personality. She allowed me to explain my issue, listened intently, and asked pointed questions so that she could understand what the level of risk I was under. She guided me through the process and  gave me valuable feedback using her experience as an investigator to help me understand how to best navigate my situation. I really do appreciate her valuable insight, and would highly recommend her to any broker/business owner in need of compliance consulting.  She is well worth the peace of mind that she can bring you!

Broker/Owner - Anaheim, CA

Summer was a great help when we received notice of a DRE Survey. Her phone consultation helped us sharpen our processes and prepare for the survey. Summer knew many of the questions that were going to be asked and helped us to pass with no issues found. I would highly recommend her services.

Broker/Owner - Pleasant Hill, CA

Summer Goralik expertise as a DRE compliance consultant has become a huge asset to myself and my company. Just when you think you have all, well maybe most, of the answers there is an question or issue that comes up and you just need someone to talk it through, get another viewpoint or perhaps prepare a full opinion letter on a matter. Summer is that person for me. Her knowledge base allows her to quickly answer most questions but she is willing to do any research necessary to be sure she gives you the correct information. She is very responsive and her follow up to get you a quick and thorough answer is always appreciated.  Summer fills a much needed niche and I am grateful that there is a professional like her available to our industry.


Broker - Irvine, CA

Summer Goralik’s services are a must for any independent brokerage. I highly recommend taking her classes to keep yourself out of trouble. I was the subject of a random DRE Audit (of my escrow division) and did not know where to start. Luckily I remembered Summer from her DRE compliance classes she teaches and reached out to her. Even when you think you’re doing everything right, a DRE audit can be overwhelming – especially when you don’t know what to expect (my first audit after 15 years in the business). Summer knew EVERYTHING. Where to start, what to look for, how the audit would be conducted, what they would be looking for, what questions they would ask, the answers they want to hear, the things they want to see – absolutely EVERYTHING! Beyond knowing everything, Summer is a true professional. She responds right away, worked for me nights and weekends, answers every question quickly, completely, and directly, does not waste time, and charges reasonable rates! If you’re an honest broker trying to make an honest living Summer should be on speed dial. Moving forward she will be reviewing all of our materials – from advertising to escrow instructions and beyond. I cannot praise Summer’s service, candor, and knowledge enough. She is the greatest resource I’ve ever encountered in real estate.

Broker/Owner - Escondido, CA

Summer is a wealth of knowledge. As the Chief Compliance Officer and Broker of Record, it is my sole duty to supervise all licensed activity within the state of California.  Summer was referred to me by a colleague and utilizing her services was the best decision I could have made.  Not only did she conduct an extremely thorough audit of our brokerage, and provided an extensive report of the findings, she continues to be a fantastic resource for many issues that arise and questions in which I would like a second opinion.  If there is ever a time any California real estate brokerage is interested in having their operations looked at under a microscope to ensure they are fully compliant, Summer would be the only resource I would recommend.     

Broker - Woodland Hills, CA

Around April, 2019, I was contacted by a special investigator with the Department of Real Estate Mortgage Loan Activities Division and was told I was randomly selected for a “survey.” I came to find out that the special investigator would come to my pace of business and conduct basically an audit of my physical office space, procedures, compliance as well as request random files to take from the premises and review.  Since I have been in the mortgage brokerage business for over 27 years, I have never been asked to participate in any DRE survey or audit, so I was quite anxious about what they would look for and if I was doing everything perfectly up to code.


Needless to say, I knew I needed advice from someone who had the experience and knowledge about this sort of thing. I found Summer on the internet, thank God, and even though she was in Southern California and I was in Northern California, when I spoke to her on the phone the first time - I was put at ease. We spent some time discussing process, procedures and file requirements for my brokerage operation and she basically took me through everything I needed to prepare for the upcoming survey - not only the most recent correct forms to use, but how I should respond to certain questions that may be posed to me during the survey.  Her experience working inside the DRE for a number of years certainly paid-off.  Everything the investigator asked me, I was prepared for and nailed the in-person survey. Then of course I had to produce 3 files that the investigator wanted to take with him - which I did.  Over 15 months later I received a letter from the DRE saying thank you for participating - zero issues noted. I could never have gone through this process without Summer by my side and would recommend her highly to anyone that needs to prepare for something like I went through, or just wants to brush up on compliance and business operation procedures. 


Thank you , Summer - You are without a doubt the best in the industry!

Mortgage Loan Broker/Owner - Elk Grove, CA

The reason I got in touch with Summer, was that I received that dreaded call from a DRE investigator saying that I was the subject of an office audit.  I think I felt my blood run cold for a second.  I felt I needed an to expert to examine my entire brokerage operation to make sure that I was square with what DRE was going to look for.  So glad I found Summer, who previously worked as a DRE investigator, and has many years of real estate brokerage compliance expertise.  From top to bottom we went over my brokerage functions and what DRE would be looking for.  Summer was a pleasure to work with and based on our conversations, I made so many great changes to my website, forms, policy manual, advertising, method of operations, agent communications, and general oversight.   Her advice was spot on and I passed my office audit with flying colors.  Call Summer before DRE calls you.

Broker/Owner - Sherman Oaks, CA

It was August 21st, 2020 at 10am that was the moment I realized just how important compliance truely is..that was the day that had my phone interview call with the DRE special investigator for my brokerage interview..compliance I always knew was important but was something I would get around too when I had a free moment ( which never came ) its amazing how a "DRE Broker Offive Survey" tends to make compliance a priority. So it seemed like the interview went well, but I had never been thru this process before so I really needed direction. By pure luck I came across Summers website, and I felt I had to call her..Calling on Summer was simply the best phone call I could have ever made for my brokerage. She helped me not only walk me thru step by step my DRE "Broker Office Survey" ( which she was instrumental in helping me pass with flying colors) she has forever changed and changes the way in which my brokerage operates. She was always there to ease my mind and answer my endless amount of questions!!


If you are a California DRE brokerage Summer Goralik has to be your first phone call!!! Thank you Summer for all your help!!

Mortgage Loan Broker/Owner - Upland, CA


NOTE: In order to protect the identity of my clients, and keep their business along with any Department of Real Estate matters confidential, their names have been intentionally removed.

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