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The 411 on DRE Audits

If you are a real estate broker conducting controlled escrows - please check this out!

In the school of in-house escrows, Department of Real Estate (DRE) audits are the final exams! Learn from former DRE Investigator Summer Goralik what you need to know about DRE Audits; from what a DRE audit will cover, the best ways to prepare, how you will be evaluated, and the tips needed to pass these regulatory inspections.  

This class, offered by the Escrow Training Institute ("ETI"), will cover the following topics:

  • Overview of DRE inspections; difference between broker office surveys and audits

  • Asking the right questions before, during, and after the audit

  • Identification of the items and records subject to DRE inspection

  • Suggestions on how to prepare your brokerage for a successful audit

  • Evaluating your compliance and tips on correcting regulatory issues

  • Understanding the DRE non-compliance summary and post-audit "to do" tips

  • When to contact an Attorney or seek outside help regarding issues relative to the audit in process

Please don't miss out.... this is your chance to be brought up to speed on compliance in 2019 through a crash course on DRE Audits!

Register at ETI by Thursday, January 24th:



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