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Five Things You May Not Know About Me...

1. I started my compliance consulting business in 2016. My first client was a successful real estate broker that I had actually investigated several years before when I worked at the Department of Real Estate (DRE). I am very grateful to this client, who is still my client and a good friend today.

2. When I joined the DRE as an Investigator in 2008 (back then, they called them “Deputy Commissioners”), I came in with no investigative experience whatsoever. I was hired because of my real estate and escrow background. With regards to escrow, I spent almost five years working in the industry. My classic joke is that escrow got so stressful that I ran away to work for the government. I heavily relied on that experience when investigating real estate complaints. Admittedly, I became an advocate of highlighting issues related to escrow activity and wrote a couple of articles that were published by the DRE covering the same. One such article was this piece which I co-authored with former Real Estate Commissioner Wayne Bell:

3. One of my proudest achievements when I worked at the DRE was an idea and project that I initiated to get all DRE Investigators “prop-115 certified” for the benefit of working with law enforcement partners pursuing the prosecution of criminal real estate matters against real estate licensees and non-licensed parties. With that certification, DRE Investigators could testify at criminal hearings and essentially vouch for the evidence that they had collected in connection with their administrative cases (saving criminal investigators and prosecutors a lot of time and effort). Speaking of Mr. Bell, it was only with his support and assistance that I was able to make that initiative a reality.

4. On a lighter note, I love playing piano. I have been playing since I was a kid. I had taken lessons for a few years when I was younger, but ended up abandoning those and just playing by ear. I play all my own stuff. My grandfather was a pianist and composer, and played at the Hollywood Bowl. Whenever my compliance matters or cases get to be too much, or if I am trying to come up with a strategy or solution for a client, I consult with my piano and the answers usually follow next.

5. Why do I work in compliance? When it comes down to it, I like helping people and adding value where I can. When I worked at the DRE, I was committed to consumer protection. Now, I work on the other side of the fence, helping brokers and agents understand and comply with the law. By doing so, I get to contribute to a higher standard of practice in the real estate industry, and as a cool by-product, I am still helping consumers. I also have wonderful clients. Without them and their stories, I may not be as committed to this line of work.

Summer's Background

Summer Goralik is a Real Estate Compliance Consultant and licensed Real Estate Broker (#02022805). Summer offers real estate brokers a variety of consulting services including assistance with California Department of Real Estate investigations and audit preparation, mock audits, brokerage compliance guidance, advertising review, and training. She helps licensees evaluate their regulatory compliance and correct any non-compliant activities. Summer also offers expert witness services.

Summer has an extensive background in real estate which includes private sector, regulatory and law enforcement experience. Prior to opening her consulting business in 2016, she worked for the Orange County District Attorney's Office as a Civilian Economic Crimes Investigator in their Real Estate Fraud Unit. Before that, Summer was employed as a Special Investigator for the DRE for six years. Among many achievements, she wrote several articles for the DRE, four of which were co-authored with former Real Estate Commissioner Wayne Bell. Prior to her career in government and law enforcement, Summer also worked in the escrow industry for nearly five years. For more information about Summer's background and services, please visit her website,



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